Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reading is fundamental for writing

I've always been a voracious reader. Since I could hold a book, I've read. Everything. I'm a fan of pulp and pulp-style writing, adventure stories, suspense/thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, even the occasional romance. You name a genre, and odds are I've read it. All that reading made me want to write my own stories. (When I was in junior high I wrote a World War II story featuring classmates, or at least their names, as characters. It vanished long ago.) The desire to write, and curiosity, led me to a journalism career. Along the way, I've kept trying my hand at fiction writing whenever I could. That's brought me to writing, or at least trying to write, erotica.

The first sexy book I read was Harold Robbins' "The Carpetbaggers," which I surprisingly found in the high school library. I became a big fan. Harold wasn't exactly writing erotica, but he knew his way around a hot, sexy scene. Now, thanks to the Internet, erotica and "racy" stories are more accessible, especially for those of us who don't live in big cities. It's also opened doors for those of us interested in such creative writing. Witness this blog and e-publishers such as smashwords. Erotica is such a fun genre for writers and readers, and it can crossover into so many other genres. It's a wonderful genre in which to work and allows writers to stretch their fingers and imaginations, at least it does for me. It also lets readers stretch their imaginations, and sometimes other things, too.

Again thanks to the Internet, I've gotten to read works by many different writers, and have become friends with many of them. I enjoy their stories and have drawn inspiration from their talented work. It's thanks to them that I've set out to write erotica myself. I'll share samples of my writing here and welcome all your comments and suggestions. I hope you enjoy my offerings.


Melodee Aaron said...

Um, is that "familiar" as in the Bibical sense?