Sunday, September 18, 2011

A new sample

Here's a sample from the story I'm working on now.

Jessica had never fucked two men at the same time, and she loved it.

Tom’s cock filled her tight ass while Bob’s dick pounded her pussy, and it felt fantastic to Jessica. Next time I’ve got to get a third man so I can fill my mouth with his cock, she thought as her two partners sent sensations she’d never felt before through her.

“Oh, lord, fuck me, guys, fuck me hard!” ordered Jessica.

Bob gripped her legs tighter and stroked harder, faster into her soaked pussy. Tom’s hands held her narrow waist as he twisted his cock and worked it in her ass. Both men grunted and were soaked in sweat. Jessica, herself dripping moisture from every pore, threw her head back and yelled, “Yes! Yes!”

She heard Bob’s balls slapping against her, and knew they must be hitting against Tom, too. She wondered how they liked that, because it was making her hotter. Jessica squirmed between the two men in delight. How could I have waited so long to experience this, she asked herself.

“Damn, babe, you’ve got a hell of a grip on me with your ass,” Tom grunted into her ear. “I’ve never been in anything so tight.”

“You feel huge inside me,” Jessica replied between gasps. “Just keep working it, hon, just fuck my ass hard.”

“You are so wet, Jessica. I feel your juices running down my balls,” interjected Bob.

“I know, I know, and I haven’t even come yet,” said Jessica. “But it won’t be long.”

Jessica smiled as the two men fucked her, smiled and wondered what Richard would say if he could see her now. Would her ex-husband still say she was boring and not adventurous enough sexually?


K. Rowe said...

Spicy! Sounds kinda close to what I write when "in that mood." Normally I just do romantic scenes, but once in a while the lusty devil gets out and I have to use all those naughty words.

Keep going, would like to read more.

Brandie Buckwine said...

Hot stuff, T.s. Definitely makes me want more!